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New fund a blessing for baby boomers

 Portfolio Partners recognised that there was a gap in the market, where the needs of retirees were not being addressed. We are proud to announce the launch of Dividend Builder – an investment especially tailored to meet the needs of the ageing baby boomer generation.

Dividend Builder aims to deliver tax strategies for high income earners, with some capital growth over the long term. The trust invests in good quality, high yielding Australian shares that aim to grow their dividends over time. We also place an emphasis on securing franked income and minimising stock turnover, to keep tax liabilities low.

For more information on this exciting new opportunity, please
click here or call Portfolio Partners Investor Services on 1800 671 849.  We also strongly recommend that you speak with your Financial Adviser about the suitability of this fund for your particular needs.
Cycling is a great activity and a perfect way to see the sights, socialise with friends and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Cycling is also an environmentally friendly mode of transport in today’s age of excess carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Portfolio Partners is passionate about sustaining and improving today’s climate through the promotion and use of pedal power. We believe in ethical investing and are proud sponsors of the Ethical Investor Sustainable Company of the Year award.
We also manage our own Long/Short Sustainability Trust which identifies companies that adopt practices that have long term repeatable and sustainable benefits for shareholders and the community at large. The new Portfolio Partners Long/Short Sustainability Trust will be available from 1 February 2006.

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